Friday, 13 March 2009

You'd think I'd Have learned by Now

Not to research things too much, at least not to the point were I decide that there is one and only one product in the entire world that is suitable.

I always do that and then the product I've decided on is no longer available and I can't accept the alternatives as I've already convinced myself they aren't what I want. It's happened again and this time to rub salt in the wound I had 2 opportunities to get the item in a sale.

In this case it's a tent, I have an F10 Nitro and while it's fine I wanted something a bit bigger for the winter. I decided late last year that a Jack Wolfskin Termite 2 was exactly what I wanted, pretty much the same weight as the F10 but 2 person with two side porches and a bit more roomy. Cotswold had it in the sale last year but it didn't suit me to get it at that time, then it went back up to full rrp. Last month it appeared again in the Cotswold sale, I figured I had time, put it off and guess what.........
.......... no longer stocked, not by Cotswold, not bt Jack Wolfskin themselves, in fact it isn't even listed in the catalogue.

I wouldn't be hard to convince that the only reason they dropped it from the line-up was because I'd decided it was the only tent that suited me.

So back to square one, criteria? side entry, dual porches preferred, Geo rather than tunnel, non-mesh inner, around 2kg and less than £250.

Shouldn't be too difficult :-~

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