Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My Take on the Ibbo PT

I read about using an MSR Blizzard snow stake as a toilet trowel on Blogpackinglight and instantly liked the idea. Not only is it lighter than my cut down B&Q gardening trowel but it's dual purpose, after all it is a tent peg.

Of course thanks to Robin popularising (is that a word?) the MSR Blizzard Stake I couldn't get one as they were sold out. They eventually came back in stock so I ordered 4, one to make an PT and 3 as pegs for winter. Of course when it came to convert the stake to a trowel the weight bar had already been set by Colin Ibbotson at 31g very closely followed by Robin at 32g. Obviously it's easier to compete when you know what the target is so I had to get under 31g. I toyed with the idea of simply using the stake as is without a handle but in keeping with the spirit of things I decided to add a grip.

My 1st attempt was a dual purpose affair, I simply wrapped my spare guyline around the stake which cushioned it sufficiently and ended up weighing 31g.

Not wanting to give up too easily I tried a few other methods finally settling on a piece of closed cell foam wrapped with duct tape. Result? 26g.


  1. Good one! You'll be under a cuben tarp next! I've renamed mine the Deluxe Ibbo PT.

  2. LOL, thanks, I don't know about a Cube tarp but I'd certainly like to have something closer to 1kg than 2kg. Vaude Scutum UL? maybeee :-)

  3. This is a great MYOG project and is proving very popular. I think it perfectly epitomises the corner stone of ultra lightweight backpacking - equipment should have multiple uses. The lightweight gear shops must have been wondering what was going on when all these people started ordering single MSR stakes!

  4. The Blizzard stakes are very good in boggy ground, as well as snow.

    Why add weight by adding a handle? ;)

    Mike fae Dundee

  5. Great stuff Richard! I will order some and see if I can come up with an ingenious way to get under your new record ;)

  6. Look forward to seeing it Hendrik.

    Mike, thats why I added a handle, I was giving myself room for improvement. ;-)

  7. yeah, great idea. I am still carrying around my great big orange jobby digger!

    time to order a snow stake I think! :)