Monday, 28 December 2009

Failure to Communicate, GPS pt.2


I've tried almost everything to get my GPS/Mapping Software to work but nothing.......

It seems the problem is that I can't enable a virtual Port (COM & IPT) in device manager. As far as I can tell when I load the driver/program to run the USB/Serial adapter it should set up a virtual COM & IPT port, I've tried installing/un-installing the driver (PL-2303 Prolific Technology Inc) and nothing. According to the install instructions once the driver is loaded plugging in the adapter only (no GPS attached) Windows should open the 'Found New Hardware' tab, then install the relevant information, then when I connect the GPS unit it should all work. It doesn't, only once did I manage to get the 'Found New Hardware' tab but connecting the GPS resulted in 'Unknown Device' and still no sign of a COM/LPT port in Device Manager.

I un-installed Quo in the vain hope that everything would sort itself out but no luck.

It's possible that my USB/Serial adapter is faulty so I'll get another which should come with a driver and I'll try again, I'm also going to get a Serial Card to see if I can at least get the Streetpilot 3 to work with Map Source as it's the priority unit, the hand helds can be replaced with USB compatible ones as a last resort.

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