Sunday, 24 October 2010

Browsing UNIQLO

I mention in my previous post that I'm increasingly impressed by my Uniqlo down jacket, the service is good too as I'd ordered a down Parka at the same time as the down jacket but had returned it and everything went smoothly. I needed some ordinary clothing and thought I take a look at Uniqlo but while I was browsing I found some other stuff that looks like it could be used for backpacking etc.

Apart from the lightweight down stuff (Parka, Jacket and Vest) I found some light trousers that look like they would be useful around camp or as sleepwear.

Warm Easy Trousers at £9.99

Warm Easy Cargo Trousers at £9.99

There's also a range of fleece tops but this one caught my eye,

Smooth Fleece Sports Hoodie at £24.99

There's also the Heattech baselayer range and of course fleece tops in a variety of weights/colours.

I'm considering ordering the Fleece sports hoodie and a pair of the Warm Easy cargo trousers just to see what they're like but I'd be interested in hearing the views of others on the potential of some of this.


  1. I remember a few years ago Lidl and Aldi did some really cheap outdoor kit from time to time that lasted ok, but was so cheap that it didn't matter if it was ruined after a season. Not sure how good that is for the environment but it looks now as if Uniqlo have cornered that end of the market. Be interested to see how you and Alan Rayner get on with your Uniqlo stuff.

  2. Hi Maz, I think they still do, it's quite frustrating to see some of the Lidl/Aldi offers being discussed on OM as the offers in Lidl over here are different and we don't have Aldi AFAIK.

    Uniqlo are slightly different though as their stuff isn't actually aimed at the outdoors sector, it's really just fashion/streetwear so I expect isn't as technical or robust, the upside of that is that it's lighter than similarily priced stuff from outdooors suppliers, the downside is that some of the colours are, well colourful to put it mildly. Fortunately black/grey seems to be an option for the less flamboyant :-)

  3. Hey Richard
    Interesting stuff! I would be interested to see how the down jacket treats you warmth wise.

    Might have a wee think about picking up the parka as would be interested in the hood, and maybe some nice stripey long johns. Again the hooded fleece is interesting as they're usually a ridiculous price for what they are. Can't see the wear being such a big issue if some care is taken, and a shell would most certainly be on top if wearing with a pack

  4. Hi Keith, I've been wearing the down jacket over a t-shirt pretty regularly just as a casual jacket and it's pretty warm given the weight, you can definitely feel the warmth as soon as you put it on, it's probably a bit warmer than a light fleece but much less bulky. I'm going to order the gilet and hooded fleece come payday and I'll probably take a chance on the Easy warm cargo trousers, at £10 they're worth a try, I'd wear them over long johns in cooler weather when camping just for dossing around in.

  5. i bought a couple of uniqlo as well, there reasonable price and comfy too.

  6. Hi Lily, anyone who has one seems to think they're good, I'm certainly pleased with mine.