Saturday, 11 December 2010

Vango Halo 200 Update

Well the snow has mostly gone after a rise in temperature Thursday and Friday and to cap it all I've been struck down with the lurgy, woe is me :-(

I'm just posting a quick update about the Halo 200, when I got it the weather was mild and wet but I kept it pitched up for over a week just to check for leaks etc. Although it wasn't really windy everything was fine. I had to pitch it again just prior to the snow arriving and again it stayed pitched as it was frozen solid and plastered with snow and ice and I didn't want it melting all over the garage floor.

Although it hasn't been any further than my garden and hasn't been subjected to high winds it's passed every other test so far. It held up just fine in the snow and in use when I was trying out the X-Lite sleeping mats there was no problem with condensation, the inner was completely dry. Obviously one person sleeping in a 2 person tent in temperatures well below freezing wasn't going to test ventilation to the limits.

The space for 2 is very good and the porches are quite spacious, for 1 person it's luxury. I'm toying with the idea of going over to Scotland early next year if we don't get snow here as I want to get the skis out again. I'll be car camping I expect and obviously I'll use the Halo 200, the only thing left to test is it's ability to withstand high winds but so far it's handled whatever conditions came along and at the price I'm delighted.


  1. Tough tent and good value. Get well and get out again soon.

  2. Thanks Martin, probably just as well the snow has all but gone or I've tried to get out.

    Feeling crap just now, Alison is being unsymathetic which is so unfair, doesn't she realise how poorly I am, LOL ;-)

  3. Richard,fine looking tent and as Martin said Vango offer good value. Looks like it can handle a good level of snow.
    Still loads of snow here despite some thawing.
    Get well soon

  4. Hi Mark, not a bad tent at all, a bit rough around the edges but should be reliable. I eventually managed to get it down so it's drying off in the loft.

    As for the snow, well it's completely gone here :-(