Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bollé Spider Flash Sunglasses

It was thanks to a post by Alan Rayner that I ended up buying a pair of Bollé sunglasses. I’ve used Bollé safety glasses before and remembered that they make ones with tinted lenses so a quick search on ebay turned up a few different styles. I commented on Alans post (above) and Alan suggested the 'Spider Flash' so I checked them out and ordered a pair.

The Spider glasses have flexible frames, 'Flash' refers to the ‘flash gold’ anti-scratch polycarbonate lenses. They conform to the following EN standards;

EN166 1F (impact)
EN170 (UV)
EN172 (Solar Protection) Filter 100% UVB/UVA

They’re light for the weight conscious at 26g and come with a micro fibre pouch but the best part is the price, under £10 including shipping.

I’ve worn them on the hill and when out in the canoe and they seem up to the task and I haven’t noticed any problems with misting. You could pay much more for sunglasses but considering these come from a respected company and meet EU standards they're worth a look.

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