Thursday, 13 August 2009

Cyclone S-11 Remote Stove Modified

I started to make a few modification to the Cyclone to make it fit my pot better with a 100g Cartridge. It just about held the Coleman 100g cartridge but I normally use the slightly taller Primus 100g cartridges.

I wanted to trim the pot supports back a bit so that the stove sat a bit lower when stored in the pot and to make the burner head smaller in diameter. Ideally the diameter of the stove when folded would be the same diameter as a 225g gas cartridge so that it would fit pots sized to fit the bigger cartridges e.g 1.0L Eta Express Pot. Unfortunately the legs would need sorted as folded they're still too wide.

I cut the supports off in line with the leg pivot point and filed them down which was easy enough but still didn't allow me to get the Primus 100g cart in. What I then did was cut the pot supports away on the inside so the the cartridge would sit right down on the burner shroud. I can now get the stove with the cartridge nested on the burner into the Snow Peak pot.

I tried to file the legs down a bit adjacent to the pivot screw(there's a wee hump that sits out past the pot support when the legs are folded) but it wasn't enough to make a difference so I'll have to make 3 new legs if I want to further reduce the diameter.

I decided to remove the Piezo igniter as I always have a lighter and carry a Steel as back-up, I also removed the rubber foot pads and in a final desperate attempt to get the weight down I cut the regulator knob down to half the original length and countersunk drilled the end. Sad ;-)

Size wise the stove is fine but I'd still like to get it to fit an Eta Express sized pot and see if I can reduce the weight a bit more. I think if I had 3 Alpkit type Titanium V pegs I could sort something out but it would add to the cost significantly for very little actual benefit. I have a few spare Alloy V's though and they might fit the bill.

As it stands the stove is compact enough for the pot I had intended using and the weight is now down to 216g

Edit I had to try the alloy V pegs to see it I could make a set of legs, managed ok and it now fits the EtaExpress 1.0l pot but only just. The weight is now 198g without the Piezo Igniter.


  1. look YouTube movie please

    this is my selfmade gas stove.

    JSB Cyclone gas-stove "Faight"

  2. Thank You for the information,a very nice stove.

    I've added a link to your Videos, many nice ideas.