Wednesday, 12 August 2009

New Stove, Cyclone S-11 Remote Cartridge.

I was looking for a stove for winter use and wanted to get a remote cartridge type so that I could use a wrap around windshield, possibly even a cone type, I also wanted a stove that had a pre-heat tube. The pot I intend to use it with is the larger of the 2 pots that make up the Snow Peak Compact Cookset. I had a look at what was available and looked at the Gelert Inferno, the MSR Windpro and the Optimus Stella. The Gelert has a pre-heater but is heavy at around 340g but reasonably priced at £20 (Winwood Outdoor), the Optimus is light at 250g and compact due to the folding burner head but doesn't have a pre-heater and is pretty expensive at £65 (Webtogs) and the MSR weighs 193g which is very light, has a pre-heater and costs £54 from Outdoorkit co uk.

I initially considered the Optimus but ruled it out when I saw the MSR but then I found the 'Cyclone' on ebay. With a claimed weight of 242g, a pre-heater and Piezo igniter and costing £12.95 including shipping I had to try it. It's an unusual burner design, I haven't seen anything like it on any other stove but it meant that it wasn't very compact. With a diameter of 125mm folded (due to the fixed pot supports) it was going to be a tight fit in the Snow Peak pot and wasn't going to leave room for even a 100g cartridge but I figured I could trim the supports back a bit.

The stove arrived today, shipping from Hong Kong took 10 days from purchase. The Stove comes with a heavy cordura type zipped case which weighs 38g, the stove itself I'm pleased to say was 239g just under the advertised weight. The burner is brass, the body a casting of some type and the legs probably stainless steel with push in rubber foot pads. There's a piezo igniter which works fine. The finish is fine with just a little flashing on the the body where the legs attach.

The downsides so far are that it isn't very compact due to the shape of the burner. It won't fit a Primus EtaExpress pot as the diameter is too great, it will fit the pot that I intended to use it with but there isn't room for the gas cartridge.

I can trim back the pot supports though and that should allow me to at least get a Coleman 100g cart into the pot together with the stove (Coleman 100g cartridges are flatter than Primus 100g cartridges) and maybe even a Primus 100g cart. Trimming back the pot support still won't allow it to fit the Primus EtaExpress 1.0L pot due to the shape of the legs when folded.

It's very stable when set up and capable of taking any pot likely to be placed on it, I had 33kg of training weights on it and it didn't budge!!

The proof of the pudding's in the eating so I gave it a quick test in the garage using the Snow Peak pot but with no windshield.

500ml tap water @ 16.6 deg c to 99.0 deg C = 2.39 mins x 10g gas.

I gave it a 2nd run turned right down, same pot etc = 99.0 deg C = 4.27 mins x 7g gas.

So seems like a good enough stove for the money (£12.95 inc shipping), ripe for modification too, the legs and fixing screws weigh 39g and could probably be replaced with something lighter, the pot supports can easily be trimmed back to make it more compact and the Piezo which weighs 12g can be removed. I have an idea for lighter legs/pot supports that would allow me to remove the integral pot supports completely which would reduce the weight and make the stove more compact.


  1. Mac E - looking at a remote stove for winter use. I have a Pocket Rocket - but bit of a problem in cold weather - even if kept in a sleeping bag. Looking at The Spider and the Edelrid Opilio as possibles. I would appreciate your thoughts on which one may be suitable -or is there a better system other than remote stoves for cold weather. I like the ideal of stability- particularly in the porch of my Lizard.

  2. Hi Mark, the Opilio looks good, the lightest of all I think although I've read one negative post on a forum regarding it. I don't know about the Primus Spider though. There's also the MSR Windpro which would be similar but more expensive than the Spider.

    I'd suggest the MSR Reactor obviously but if a remote stove is what you're after it won't suit. I know of an Eta Packlite for sale for 2nd hand around £50 but comes with a pot and windshield etc, it's on Outdoors Magic. Martin Rye has one if I remember correctly, you could ask his opinion on whether it would suit.

  3. Thanks for such a prompt response. I will look at Outdoors magic
    All the best

  4. Hello Mac E,

    have you already tested this stove at really deep temperatures, does it work well with upside down canister and liquid gas feeding also....?
    Reading your blog I think this unusual burner concept works fine at a reasonable price.

    Regards and thanks,


  5. Hi Michael, I never tested it below freezing but tried it with the cartridge inverted and it didn't work well at all, it flared badly.

    I found an interesting remote gas stove on ebay recently (item no. 310265065776) from seller 'world-shopping-center' It's looks remarkably like an MSR Windpro. I haven't tried it myself though.

  6. Hi Mac E, too bad, cause the shape of the flame looks really good and consistent.
    I've got the Gelert inferno myself and it works good for me, even with inverted canister but it is not the lightest one.
    I've never testet it below freezing also so far.
    Thanks for the fast answer.
    Best regards,