Tuesday, 8 September 2009

MYOG Trekking Poles Update

I played about a bit with various methods of attaching grip straps the easiest was to use a ladder lock buckle and a dog clip. It's not an elegant solution and unfortunately added to the weight, the poles now weigh 383g pair. It illustrates how good the commercial poles that I mentioned are, they're much more versatile being length adjustable and I would guess are stronger. Really the only thing I can take comfort from is that I saved £60 - £80 plus I recycled something but I'm pretty sure if I had the cash to spare and saw a set of Khola Evo's I'd buy them.


  1. If you don't get this leg of yours sorted soon Richard, pretty much everything you own will be tweaked, modified or altered in some way! :)
    Mike fae Dundee.

  2. I've just found a rose jointed track control arm which I think I might be able to use if I can just get this kneecap off in one piece ;-)