Friday, 4 September 2009

Tarp Tent Update

Just a brief update on the Phreeranger tarp tent. Everything was fine, I didn’t notice any drafts although it was pretty calm with clear skies initially. It did rain quite heavily after sunrise but while the inside of the fly was wet from condensation there were no signs of any drips as the footprint and bivybag were dry. The silnylon footprint worked perfectly well as a groundsheet which has convinced me that it’s more than suitable as a fabric to replace the damaged groundsheet on my inner tent, especially as I use an additional footprint/protector anyway (I always have done) That would give me a double layer of silnylon or I could make the footprint/protector from double glazing film which is about half the weight of silnylon, the combined weight of the groundsheet protector and the new inner tent groundsheet would be less than the standard groundsheet.

One other idea that I had a while back was to make a mesh inner tent/bug nest using a Trekmates Adventurer Mosquito net, they had some in TK Max recently together with the Trekmates Bivvy Bag so I might take a trip into town and see if they’ve any left.

I’ve also e-mailed Henry Shires with some questions about the Contrail and Rainbow series so there are plenty of options open which should keep me busy while my knee heals.

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