Sunday, 25 January 2009

Corinna, Maine to Glenariffe, Co. Antrim

Sometimes I actually make it out of the workshop/garage. We had snow start to fall Monday past and as I knew it wouldn't stay around too long I took a day off work on Tuesday with the intention of heading to the hills. I wanted to try out my woodstove but there was more snow than I expected and I couldn't find wood that was even remotely likely to burn. I had taken my MBD Gramweenies kitchen too so I used it and the included MBD Mini Atomic stove. It worked no problem apart from the fact that I had nothing to set it on except for the backpad from my rucksack. Still, a lesson learned. In the end it was worth the effort as the snow had completely disappeared by Thursday.


  1. Hello Nice To meet You,your blog so interesting,nad maybe i will visit your blog again.

  2. Thank You, your comments are important to me.

  3. That was spooky, dude. I was waiting for Mr Tumnus to appear. When you were cooking, the silence made it seem like you were on set.