Thursday, 1 January 2009

Gramweenies Kitchen Pot Cozy

I was pretty busy today but in between jobs I made a pot cozy to fit the Ziplock Pot that holds the Minibull Design 'Gramweenies Kitchen'. The Ziplock container is tapered but I used a program to calculate the size and shape I needed to cut out of the foil sheet. I noticed that even though I've got pretty big hands (size 10-11 gloves) that it was pretty slippery to hold so I made a hand strap from a belt that came with a pair of Columbia trousers. The strap is adjustable so should fit regardless of whether I'm wearing thin/thick/no gloves. I use a GSI long Spoon and it doesn't fit into the Super Pot but I discovered that it can slip behind the hand strap similar to the way the Jetboil Utensils can be stored in the optional PCS Cargo Cozy . I'm quite pleased with the way it worked out.

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