Friday, 16 January 2009

EtaPower Again

After last nights disappointment with the EtaPower 1.0L pot and the Blackfly #4 I decided to try it again. This time I used my gas mini stove and only compared the performance using the EtaPower pot and the Gelert Ascent 2 1.0L pot. In the interests of fair play I started each run with a brand new 100g Primus gas cartridge. I used a thermometer this time to avoid any ambiguity when deciding just what constituted a Rolling Boil. I set the alarm on the thermometer to 100deg but as you can see in the video clips neither pot looked like it was going to hit the magic 100 even though both were clearly boiling. For reference I would suggest checking the time taken by both pots to reach 98deg, both were boiling strongly at this point. For the record the EtaPower pot hit 98deg in 3.25 mins, the Gelert pot reached 98deg in 3.55 mins. Clearly in the tests I've conducted the EtaPower pot doesn't come anywhere close to the advertised 50% performance increase.

The Gelert Ascent 11 cookset costs around £14 and includes a 500ml pot and lid the 1.0L pot and lid and a stuff sack. The Primus EtaPower 1.0L pot costs around £20 and comes with a lid and stuff sack.

The clips below show the EtaPower pot in Part 1, the Gelert pot in part 2.

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