Friday, 1 May 2009

Q/D Connectors for Aquaguard Eliminator

I had an e-mail from Giles (Butler) of Drink Safe Systems regarding the availability of additional Q/D connectors to enable you to swap the Aquaguard Eliminator filter between systems. The Q/D connectors are available from

Not only are the standard Q/D connectors available but 'Valved' Connectors are also available, these allow you to remove the filter from the feed tube without the risk water running out of the bladder.

The connectors come in 2 parts, the small push in part is listed as an 'Insert' the other part is listed as the 'Body' If you look at the pic above you can see that the fitting are opposing, one set (body & Insert) has the screw thread on the Body and the barbed end on the Insert, the other has the fittings reversed. The threaded end screws into the filter, the barbed end pushes into the feed tube. The reason they are opposing is that with the filter removed the feedtube can be clipped back together, bear this in mind when deciding which fittings you need.

The following part numbers appear to be the ones needed.

1/4 ID Valved Shut Off Body (Push in Barb) - cAPCD 17004S
1/4 ID Valved Shut Off Insert (Push in Barb) - cAPCD 220-04

1/4 ID Open Body (Supplied with Eliminator) (Push in Barb)- cAPC 17004S
1/4 ID Open Insert (Supplied with Eliminator) (Push in Barb)- cAPC 220-04

1/4 ID Valved Shut Off Body (Threaded, Pipe Thread) - cAPCD 100-04
1/4 ID Valved Shut Off Insert (Threaded, Pipe Thread) - cAPCD 240-04

1/4 ID Open Body (Supplied with Eliminator)(Threaded, Pipe Thread)
cAPC 100-04
1/4 ID Open Insert (Supplied with Eliminator) (Threaded, Pipe Thread)
cAPC 240-04

The page with the relevant fittings is linked to below.

APC Acetal Series - 1/4" Flow Q/D connectors

There's little difference in price between the Valved and Open bodies, the open inserts are quite a bit cheaper.

I've ordered some and will update when they arrive. For my set-up one Valved Insert (cAPCD 220-04) fitted to the feed tube before the filter should be sufficient allowing me to remove the filter prior to totally immersing the bottle/bladder to fill it without removing the filter/feed tube/Bite Valve from my rucksack. As the Valve will be closed no water can escape when carrying the filled bladder or reinserting it into the rucksack.

You can also get right angle inserts, both valved and open but only in Barbed Push in fitting. The part numbers are;

cAPCD 230-04 - 90 deg Valved - £6.47
cAPC 230-04 - 90 deg Open - £1.41

A complete set whether Valved or open consists of,

1x Barbed Insert
1x Barbed Body
1x Pipe Thread (NPT) Insert
1x Pipe Thread (NPT) Body

I've provided this information in good faith, if you have any doubt about the suitability of the products please seek advice from the retailer.

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