Saturday, 2 May 2009

Valved (Dry Break) Q/D Connectors

Valved and Plain Q/D connectors

I got my Q/D connectors from Tom Parker this morning. I'd ordered some Valve (Dry Break) bodies and Inserts and some spare open (non Valve) inserts. I hadn't ordered the threaded fittings, only the barbed type as I needed to keep the total value under £30 to avoid having to pay £26 for courier delivery, under £30 can be posted Royal Mail Recorded at £4.95.

The valved Q/D connectors are fantastic and do exactly what I wanted. To be honest with my set-up I only really need 1 valved fitting (bottom right above), the one that fits into the feed tube at the filter input side. The fitting is part number cAPCD 220-04. Using this means that I can disconnect the bladder from the filter and refill it without water spilling out the feed tube. I could have added a another valved connector to the filter at the input end, this would be a threaded (NPT) valved body, part number cAPCD 100-04. The one place that I definately couldn't use a valved connector is at the filter outlet end, it needs to remain open to allow you do decant from the bladder, through the filter into a pot once the bite valve side of the feed tube has been disconnected. I may order a valved, threaded body to the filter input side to prevent water draning from the filter in the rucksack when the bladder/bottle is disconnected.

The pics below illustrate the differences between the 4 different fittings, the valved ones are slightly longer. They can be mixed and matched to suit, valved insert to plain body, plain insert to valved body etc etc. You can see how well they work, even pressing on the bottle there's no leakage.

Mix 'n' Match

No Spills or Leaks

For my needs they make a fantastic product perfect.

I gave my set-up a test run today, like Springsteen I went down to the river. I'll post the video, Pt. 1 & 2 later.

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