Monday, 4 May 2009

Trying the Aquaguard Eliminator

I eventually managed to get my Aquaguard Eliminator and Source Convertube set up the way I wanted with the addition of the Valved Q/D insert. I took it out for a quick trial just to make sure everything worked as well in the real world as it did at home. As I expected it worked perfectly, it's so versatile I can't see me wanting to use anything else. There's no penalty as far as weight is concerned and the filter itself takes up very little space, any way here's the test.


  1. Mac, absolutely excellent stuff. Good to see that flow rate, too. I have one of the aquagear bottles (the new version) and find the flow rate slightly limited [not complaining, though!). Loving the stoves, too - very tempting! Great blog, thanks.

  2. I like the look of this. I'm very tempted to try.

  3. Well guys I'm pretty hard to please with gear, you know how it is, with most things it a case of 'if only' or why did they have to compromise the design in the name of fashion etc etc.

    I'm delighted that the Eliminator lives up to the claims, in fact it exceeds them. It works just fine with a normal hydration pack too as I had it fitted to a Camelbak prior to getting the Convertube. I can't see any disadvantages at all.

    If there's anything you want me to try let me know.

  4. Hi Mac,

    seems that your are really into this topic. How would you rate your system to a similar one Jason Klass developed a while ago?:

  5. Hi, I hadn't seen Jason's system and it's pretty clever, the longer cord/cordlock seems like a good idea.

    TBH I think the Aquaguard/Source set-up is a bit more user friendly with Q/D connectors rather than needing to remove the bite valves etc.

    Mainly it comes down to filter performance, is the Aquamira tested to the same standard as the Drinksafe Systems filter? and personal preferences. Jasons is certainly well thought out and very light at sub 5oz