Tuesday, 2 June 2009

No More Laser Mods!!

I finally admitted defeat and sold the Laser. It was a great tent once up, plenty of room for 1, nice and light even with the added footprint that I made and the upgraded pegs but I found it to awkward to pitch/strike. I've no idea what I'll go for next, I like the look of the Big Agnes Copperspur but PTC has one for review so I'll wait and see how it performs, the other contender would be the Terra Nova Voyager Superlight.

In the meantime I'm going to use the mk1 Phreeranger fly with a later inner (the later one has a full mesh door as well as a full plain one, the early one only has a plain door) it should easily see me through the summer. I'm using the same footprint I used with the Laser for the time being. I'd bought some Terra Nova 5.5g Titanium pegs with the intention of using them with the Laser so including a Sea to Summit Ultrasil 8L drysack and pegs the all in weight is 1860g, the last trip my complete Laser set-up weighed in at 1709g so there's only about 150g difference.

Of course when I last used a Phreeranger I was happy enough with it as it was, now I'd like to make a few changes to reduce the weight. I'm going to replace the guylines complete with their alloy rings and alloy sliders with 2mm Dymeema and Mini Lineloks, I might change the fly pegging points, they're all webbing with alloy rings but I think I can swap out the 4 corner ones for shockcord loops and cut the rings off the remaining webbing loops. I also have some mozzie net so I'd like to use my mk 1 inner but make the door half mesh, that would save the weight of the extra zip on the later inner.

Anyway, all good fun and I didn't lose too much on the Laser.


  1. All part of life's rich tapestry!

  2. Certainly, I'd have tried a Laser sooner or later. Maybe I'll end up with a Spacepacker, I should keep adding 100g ballast to my pack every trip just in case :-)