Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ultralight Mug

I like to carry a separate mug in addition to the Alpkit Mity Mug that I use for cooking. My current mug is a Tibetan Titanium 450ml. I like it as I can use it directly on the stove for a brew although it doesn't come with a lid (I normally just set the Mitymug lid on) It only weighs 61g, is pretty tough and doesn't take up much space, in fact I could carry it inside the Mitymug along with my Meths stove if I didn't take one of my woodstoves which are designed to be carried in the Mitymug. As it is I stuff my repair kit into the Tibetan ti mug so it isn't wasted space.

I think I've come up with a better mug though. I found a 6 pack of Heineken in 330ml keg shaped cans and thought they might make a nice light mug. I couldn't cut the lid off with a safety can opener due to the shoulder on the can but I eventually figured a way to achieve the same result. I simply used a small metal file and filed the top edge of the rim away all the way around until the lid came free then smoothed it off with a scotch pad. Unfortunately the lid wasn't usable but using another can I carefully sawed my way around just below the rolled edge until I had the lid cut off. This works perfectly.

The result? a 16g Mug c/w lid. I'll give it a shot although it'll be more susceptible to damage than the Ti Mug. I might try to get one of the bigger versions then I could have a co-ordinated cookset, of course then I'll need some Green Lexan cutlery, it'll be almost like the new MSR sets only cooler ;-)

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