Sunday, 8 February 2009

Einzel Kocher

Time for a bit of shameless self promotion. I've decided to try my hand at selling lightweight and compact backpackers Wood Burning stoves. I'm calling them Einzel Kocher and I've got 2 different models available. The 1st (EK900OB)is designed to fit the Tibetan Titanium 900 pot and is the most basic design. I've listed 5 on ebay at £15 each plus £3.50 shipping 1st class Recorded, The second model (EK750OB)is designed to fit the Alpkit Mitymug and while it's essentially the same design it has a few extras, I haven't listed it yet but I'll probably need to sell it at £17 plus £3.50 shipping as it's a bit more difficult to make. I'm supplying both stoves with a Ripstop stuff sack. I have a 3rd model built to final prototype which is a bit different than the others, it'll also fit the Mitymug as long as the mug lid is fitted upside down (the stove is about 5mm taller than the mug) There's more information on my website if anyone is interested.




  1. Good luck with that, Richard.

  2. Thanks Duncan, I'll need a bit of luck now.

    I've enjoyed putting everything together, the stoves, the website the whole package, fun and a learning experience.