Friday, 27 February 2009

Work for Idle Hands

4 days off and I didn't get out once, sometimes it seems like you run into a wall no matter what. I ended up spending the whole 4 days building stoves, well trying too as I'm still waiting on a cutter that I ordered a week ago. I finally managed to contact the guy only to be told that they'd been out of stock and were only just back in, you'd think he would have let me know!!

Still, the Devil makes work for idle hands so I made this, I'm sure I could manage with a 450ml mug. It'll effectively hold 350ml (or 1 1/2 cups if you're using Sarah Kirkconnell's book Freezerbag Cooking) so that should do nicely.

The burner is an open top design with a wick for pre-heating, the wick is inside a cup affair which means that it's easier to prime than stoves with an external wick with less spillage, also if you overfill it and the fuel level rises above the jets as it heats up the outer cup catches it. Once it's fired up the mug sits on top Minibull BIOS style, a welded wire pot stand improves stability and is pretty much a necessity, the top off a large bean tin just about fits the mug as a lid. Now if I could build a woodstove to fit the 450ml mug.................

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