Saturday, 28 February 2009


I saw these last year but for a variety of reasons never got around to getting one, I think they were out of stock for a while for one thing. I was ordering a mk2 Mitymug so I decided to get one of these too. From what I've seen of the Gourdon so far I think it's great with some really neat features. The toggles on the top to double secure the Roll-Top is pretty clever and the way the chest strap is mounted is a neat design, wonder who the designer was or if it was a Colab product. The backpad is removable and it came with a pack of repair patches. Looking forward to trying it out once my shift is finished (haven't actually started it yet)

One last thing, can anyone identify the jacket I'm wearing in the last pic?
I reckon you'll know immediately or not have a clue :-)

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