Monday, 29 March 2010

Goosefeet Down Socks

I had considered getting a pair of PHD down socks as I tend to suffer from cold feet but happened upon Goosefeet down socks thanks to a mention on Minimal Gear (see my Blog List)

Goosefeet are a cottage industry product from the USA but they ship abroad and accept Paypal. The socks use 800+ Fill Power down and while they recommend adding an extra 1/2 ounce to the XL size
they will also add it to any size of sock. In addition they also sell a water resistant outer over-boot made from Silnylon with a Dyneema X sole and incorporating a closed cell insole.

All the prices were in Dollars and the weights in ounces but after converting to Sterling/Grams they looked promising. Initially I was going to buy the Over-Socks as well but in the end decided to just get the Down Socks with an extra 1/2 oz of down as I needed a pair size Large (I wear size 43/44 so reasoned that I needed large as US sizes are smaller than UK sizes).

I eventually placed my order on 18th March and had a reply on the 19th informing me that they had been shipped and received the socks today. They cost £42.70 including shipping and weigh in at 75g including a stuff sack which weighs about 3g. That compares well with the PHD socks at 90g/£63.75 including postage.

The socks came loosely packed in a pre-pay stiff card box together with the stuff sack which to be honest looked like it would never be big enough. As it turned out the socks are easily stuffed into the stuff sack. The fit is perfect, not too loose and not too tight so the sizes given on the chart seem spot on. I tried them on briefly and they certainly feel warm and like anything made using good quality down seem to virtually inflate once removed from the stuff sack.

Obviously I can't make a direct comparison with other down socks but in the end it came down to simple economics. The service from Ben and Susan was first class as is the standard of workmanship, definitely well worth considering if you need a bit of extra insulation and want to support the cottage industry..


  1. That price/weight works for me. And they are in black too. Nice.

  2. Nice socks. I was thinking of buying a pair from PHD for my next winter trip. But those Goosefeet seem to be a good deal.

  3. I like the look of these. I find myself looking more and more to the Cottage industry these day's.

  4. These do look like a nice alternative to PHD boots, maybe I'll get some in time for next winter... fund are currently diverted to summer kit now :)

    I currently use pile/pertex boots as tentwear, but they have a slightly different application to these, better for damp environs, but not as warm...

  5. They look great! Love when companies take easy payment and deliver to here!

  6. These look cosy warm - thinking they're gonna have to be a must for next winter, probably a touch late for this one.

  7. I think they'll be perfect although I haven't tried them yet. We had a lot of snow over the past 2 days but the temperature isn't all that low. If I can get an overnight this weekend I may get to try them out.

  8. tigoat are doing a down hat - kind of expensive though - anyone know of an alternative?

  9. Having seen these, I am glad (for once) to have a birthday coming up; my feet are always cold. Shall try putting Goosefeet on the list and see what happens :o)

  10. With all your recent down purchases, there's no chance of you being cold next winter Richard. :)

    The TiGoat down hat can be bought direct from BlackRockGear. The shipping to the UK is $6 compared to $26 from TiGoat.

    Mike fae Dundee

  11. Leigh, I've now tried them and they're great, no problem recommending them at all.

    No chance at all Mike :-)

    The sleeping system is working well, I gave it a test run on Thursday night. The ME Xero 250 which has a comfort limit of + 4°C and wearing the Montbell UL Inner pant, Goosefeet socks and ME Xero duvet jacket was more than warm enough down to -5°C. That was using a single skin and tiGoat Ptarmigan bivvy bag.

    The only item thats not fitting in as far as the system goes is the PHD Ultra Down vest, I should have gotten the pullover but I'll try to sell it and replace it with a Montbell UL Down inner jacket at some stage.

    Good information on the TiGoat hat.

  12. Yeps, better late then never ;)

    I also was thinking, all that down and now it is PLUS degrees, damn! Might give them a go next autumn, now I prepare for summer and higher degrees.