Monday, 1 March 2010

Summer Kit List

It'll soon be time to start packing the heavy winter gear away and time to again concentrate on lighter summer gear. There are a few months to go yet but we don't generally have the extremes of temperature in Northern Ireland that others in the UK and further afield have. I was experimenting last week by using my summer sleeping bag, a Mountain Equipment Xero 250, and wearing additional insulation. I used my Phreeranger as a single skin, protected the sleeping bag with my Titanium Goat Ptarmigan bivvy bag and for additional insulation wore my recently purchased MontBell UL Down pants and PHD Ultra Down Vest. The temperature dropped to as low as -7 deg C (average about -4) and apart from my arms I was fine. I was wearing only a Trekmates Bamboo baselayer but used a Multimat Adventure Superlight 25 full length self inflate mat with a 3mm full length closed cell pad.

My kit list presently is as follows, weight is in grams.

Accessories - Emergency - Nokia 2630 - 66
Accessories - Emergency - 1st Aid Kit (Summer) - 48
Accessories - Emergency - Spares & Repair (Summer) - 46
Accessories - Eye Wear Case - Bloc Pouch - 7
Accessories - Eye Wear Glasses - Bloc 502 Sunglasses - 23
Accessories - Eye Wear Misc - Croakie Glasses Retainer - 10
Accessories - Navigation - Garmin Geko 301 c/w Lithium - 86
Accessories - Navigation - Map, Memory Map Print Off x 10 Sheets - 50
Accessories - Navigation - Silva Field 7 - 29
Accessories - Tools - Wenger Classic inc Lanyard - 24

Total Accessories 389

Spare Clothing - Base Layer L/J - Sub Zero Factor 1 L/J - 118
Spare Clothing - Base Layer Top - Sub Zero Factor 1 Top, L/S Crew - 127
Spare Clothing - Socks - Wool Short - 50

Total Spare Clothing 295

Clothing - Fleece Gloves - Mountain Warehouse Windproof Fleece - 61
Clothing - Head Wear - Technicals Bush Hat - 100
Clothing - Head Wear - Buff - 38
Clothing - Insulation - PHD Ultra Down Vest - 150
Clothing - Windshirt - Montane Featherlite Jetstream - 84
Clothing - W'proof Gloves - Marmot Shell - 95
Clothing - W'proof Jkt - Marmot Essence Precip - 183
Clothing - W'proof Trs - Trespass Trestex Packaway - 150

Total Clothing 861

Cooking - Cookset - EK Spirit, Heinie Set, CCF Case, Complete - 157
Cooking - Stove Wood - EK 750 SUL - 79

Total Cooking 236

Hydration - Filtration - Source Convertube - 109
Hydration - Filtration - Aquaguard Eliminator - 90
Hydration - Water Bags - Source 2.0L Waterbag, Plain Cap - 35
Hydration - Water Bottle - PET 750ml River Rock - 30

Total Hydration 264

Hygiene - Hygiene - Trowel Snow Stake, Wet Wipes, Hand Gel - 170
Hygiene - Hygiene - Wash Kit, Tesco Microfibre Towel - 135
Hygiene - Hygiene - Insect Repellant, Jungle Formula 100ml - 75
Hygiene - Hygiene - Insect Repellant, Head Net - 29
Total Hygiene 409

Lighting - Headtorch - Petzl E-Lite c/w Whistle - 28
Lighting - Tent Lighting - Silverpoint Mini Lantern Modified - 21

Total Lighting 49

Load Carrying - Rucksack - ULA Conduit - 528
Storage - Dry Bag - Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil 8L - 33
Storage - Dry Bag - Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil 2L - 22

Total Load Carrying/Storage 583

Shelter - Bivvy Bag - Titanium Goat Ptarmigan Bivvy - 193
Shelter - S/Skin Tent - Phreeranger Fly c/w Pegs, S/Sack & Footprint - 1210

Total Shelter 1403

Sleeping - Sleeping Bag - Mountain Equipment Xero 250 - 640
Sleeping - Sleeping Mat - Millets Foam, 2-3S Full Length - 195

Total Sleeping System 835

Total 5324

There are some obvious and desirable areas where I could reduce weight and I have a few ideas with regard to my sleeping system/Spare Insulating layer. The biggest weight saving would come through changing my shelter but as yet I haven't seen anything that really stands out although I've once again been looking at some of the different options from basic tarps to tarp tents and of course full double skin tents. In the meantime I'll have to stick with what I have although I'm running out of ideas to save weight.


  1. A very nice list, Richard, I like it a lot. I read on blogs and forums that the Phreeranger is an excellent tent with zero condensation, and if it works for you, why change? Although there are some nice tarps available, and if you can sew then you almost might give it a try yourself as well.

    Also wasn't aware that you are located in Northern Ireland, I always though your also on the British Isle =)

  2. How heavy is the tent footprint Richard?
    A piece of polycro cut to size will only weigh a few grams, and packs up really small. You can buy the Gossamer Gear stuff, but i use window insulation film from Wickes.
    Mike fae Dundee.

  3. Hendrik, yes I'm happy with how my base weight has been reduced compared to almost a year ago, I don't feel that my kit will cause me to endure any hardship as it's still pretty comprehensive.

    I'm considering making a Tarp but still looking at designs.

    Mike, the footprint is silnylon and weighs 117g, the polycro is about half the weight and I had intended to try it from the supplier you gave me a while back (Wickes), just never got around to it. The silnylon one has sew on loops so that it clips into the fly sheet but it needs some lines of silicone to provide grip for my sleeping mat as it's awful slippery.

  4. You haven't half reduced your base weight from a year ago Richard! Once you start looking for lighter alternatives, it never really stops. :)

    You could do without a groundsheet if you are using the TiGoat bivvy, but it's nice to have a dry, clean area around you.

  5. Cheers for this Richard. It's always useful to see what everyone else is carrying, particularly when assessing your own kit. I'll be looking more closely at my summer kit over the next month or two...

  6. It never stops, there's always something that can be improved either in how it performs or the actual weight.

    I'm a bit wary of not using a footprint although I keep my sleeping mat outside the bivvy bag which does make a groundsheet a bit surplus to requirements, I think it does help keep condensation down though.

    Fraser, I hope you find something useful, I like looking at what other people use, even if the gear mightn't suit me it always provides food for thought.