Monday, 22 March 2010

New Lightweight Sleeping Bag from Mountain Equipment

I was having a quick look on the Mountain Equipment website and noticed that the Xero 150 sleeping bag isn't listed anymore. I had looked at the Xero 150 as I already use a Xero 250 which I'm very happy with as the elasticated section reduces the size of the bag without feeling restrictive. There is mention of a new bag, the Xero MM (I assume that implies Mountain Marathon) although as yet there are no images of the bag. The interesting thing is that they mention a product known as the 'Balloon Bed' saying that it helped inspire the new Xero MM.

To be honest although I'd read about people making air mattresses using balloons I wasn't aware that anyone was actually selling them. It appears that there is, and while it isn't something that really interests me I'm curious to see what the Xero MM has to offer.

With a stated weight of 400g with 175g of 750 FP down it's closest competition would probably be the PHD Minim Ultra Down with as far as I know 150g of 900 FP down. Reading between the lines it appears that the Xero MM may incorporate channels on the base to allow some kind of air chamber to be inserted, whether those chambers are re-useable and supplied with the bag or whether like the 'Balloon Bed' you simply use modeling balloons remains to be seen but it's certainly something different.


  1. The Xero MM sounds weird. I'm not sure I like the idea of having to blow up disposable balloons every night!

    I have a Xero 150 that I bought at the end of the summer last year. I've still not had chance to try it!

  2. I'm intrigued myself, I'm sure there's more to it than simply a sleeve to take a sleeping mat as that would simply make it a top bag.

    I'm guessing but I imagine sewn in tubes along the base which hold balloons or dedicated reuseable tubes, alternatively the tubes may be an integral part of the bag kind of like a top bag/insulated airmat combined.

    If the down normally used in the base was used in an integral air mat type base it wouldn't be compressed when you lie on it.

    Who knows.....

  3. Hey now there is an idea Mac! The down in the base is incorporated into inflatable tubes (like the Exped DownMats) that are built into the bottom of the bag...

  4. I was guessing and I was wrong, it still isn't featured on the relevant page on the ME website but it is here,

    It simply has sewn-in tubes to hold disposable balloons which are supplies along with a balloon pump.