Sunday, 14 March 2010

MYOG, Cooking System Update

I've made a few changes to the 'Sub 200g Cooking System' which then became an almost 'Sub 150g Cooking System'

The main change was that I decided against a short cone and tent peg pot stand and switched to a longer 'split cone' and silicone band on the pot See Here. This improved the efficiency of the stove but I wanted to try titanium foil as I wanted a bit more durability/rigidity.

I ordered some ti foil from Titanium Goat and made a 2 piece windshield to the same pattern as the split alufoil one. I found that there are advantages and disadvantages to using ti foil, the disadvantage is that it's heavier and my card making paper punches aren't strong/sharp enough so I had to use a standard paper punch. This meant that I couldn't bias larger (10mm dia) vents towards the front of the cone which is my preferred method but had to punch smaller vents all the way around. I think I really need some more intake vents at the bottom but the jaw of the punch is too small to allow me to punch another set of holes.

The advantage of ti foil is that it keeps it shape, it holds the folds much better than alufoil and it won't tear like alufoil. I must admit that I was using very thin alufoil (0.10mm)The joints are simply folded over and once the cone is assembled it's impossible for it to come apart and there's no need for tabs/dovetails/clips etc which makes it nice and simple to use.

Unfortunately the total weight of the system has now risen to 172g without a stuff sack but I'll accept that as a trade off for the increased durability.


  1. Nice work. I especially like the 2 piece windscreen. I just finished my 100 gramm cookset, but I don't think that it's as efficient as yours. I've written about it in my blog.

  2. Thanks, the 2 piece cone fits nicely into my system as it's shorter than the pot. It's much easier to store than a normal rolled up cone.

    Unfortunately it's expensive to buy from the USA. There's also thinner titanium foil which should still be strong enough from Suluk 46.