Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Field Knife, BUND DONGES 5110-12-126-2475

I mentioned yesterday that I was waiting for 2 items off ebay. Well one arrived today, a Bundeswehr sheath knife. It's actually a Bundesmarine utility knife but I thought it might make a good camping/bushcraft field knife. The Sheath is stitched in scandanavian style and has a plastic liner, the belt loop has a button hole to allow you to attach it to a ........... button? The knife itself has a pretty rough finish, the handle in particular being fairly square edged, the blade is pretty sharp but would benefit from general finishing on a fine Lansky stone. The blade is pretty stiff with only a little flex and it's fairly thick at the spine, a good 3mm which is thicker than my Frosts Mora.

I decided to shape the handle slightly, mainly just rounding off the corners to make it more comfortable. A quick run with a round file and finish with a piece of emery tape improved things. I finished it off by rubbing some Nikwax into the handle and attaching a blue lace. I guess the blade is Stainless Steel as it's a Marine knife but it still gets a good shower of sparks from a Fire Steel.

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