Sunday, 21 December 2008

Thoughts on Pots!!

I was reading Tinny's (MBDC) blog recently and his findings regarding the Jetboil and Primus ETA pots got me thinking about cooking pot design. It seems that when the Jetboil burner was used with a Heineken pot the results were pretty much the same as any run of the mill stove. Tinny also noted that the Primus ETA pot worked well with a meths stove so the conclusion has to be that the technology used in the pot is at least as, perhaps more, important (but less glamourous) that that used in the burner.

I happen to have a Jetboil GCS pot that I'm unlikely to use but I think an experiment is in order, how efficient will my woodstove be if I use the GCS pot rather than my usual pots?

It's strange to think that although MSR came up with the XPD Heat Exchanger way back in the late 80's that the only development since has been the Jetboil, the Primus ETA and of course the MSR Reactor. I think that's a pretty poor show to be honest. Given the number of Cookware brands out there you would think that someone could think outside the box rather than simply producing the same old, same old, sometimes with nothing more than a change of Brand Name to distinguish one from the other.

What's this then??

A work in Progress.

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