Tuesday, 2 December 2008

First Time Tarping (or should that be Ponching?)

A while back I bought myself a German Army poncho and sleeping bag with the intention of trying the poncho as a tarp. I eventually got around to trying it with a mate who had a Hennessy Hamock. It all went pretty well considering we had a bit of snow on the ground and the sleeping bag was warm enough considering I was fully clothed and wearing a duvet jacket. The only problem was my feet were freezing and that kept me awake for a while but I've since bought a pair of Nanok bivvy boots from 'Genuine Army Surplus' for £5.99, that should sort the feet. One other small detail, I had my mobile phone in my trouser pocket but I'd forgotten to switch off the alarm, it went off a 4.00am and I couldn't get to it as the sleeping bag has arms which effectively meant my arms were outside the sleeping bag!!! had to let it play itself out..........twice!!!

I used my Swedish Army stove conversion with the hanging kit which was great, 1st thing in the morning, what with having sleeves in my sleeping bag I didn't have to get up or out to make a cuppa, lovely.

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