Monday, 1 December 2008

Wood Stove mk2

Still messing around trying to make a wood burning backpacking stove. Made my mk2 model this morning. The pic's tell the story.

These are the cans I decided to use. The cat food can I used before, the outer can is a 1250g dog food can. Cost me £1.25 and I don't have a dog!! The can is too tall but I figured I could cut it down.

Marked out the can for the air holes using a 6mm allen key as a spacer.

I drilled a series of 6mm holes around the top using a wood bit which makes a nice clean cut, I then punched a load of holes in the base. I'm going to remove the base at some stage and replace it with a mesh grid to improve airflow, I got that advice from Derek Goffin on Outdoors Magic forum.

The wood bit I used to drill the holes.

I marked out the base of the outer can and cut out a circle to allow me to press in the inner burner. I cut it out a few millimeters at a time using a stanley knife.

The hole is a bit ragged but as it tapers in and is slightly smaller than the inner tin it works ok.

As the outer tin was too tall I cut it down to about an inch taller than the inner tin. I cut off the smooth section, then cut a ribbed section from the can.

With a bit of footering I managed to press the base back on.

Drilling the air holes in the outer base was slightly more difficult as the base is now double skinned, I had to use a block of wood to support the inner skin but it worked ok in the end.

All that remained was to press the inner burner into the outer section and make the windshield.

The stove complete with windshield, it fits into a Gelert Ascent 11 pot.

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