Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Woodstove & GCS Pot

I mentioned in a previous post that I was interested in seeing if a performance pot such as a Primus ETA or Jetboil Flux Ring pot would result in improved performance of my woodstove. I tried my Jet Boil GCS pot today and was pretty pleased with the result. I used a fairly basic secondary foil windshield that I normally use with my gas mini stove/Alpkit Mitymug cookset which offered enough shelter. I started with 67g of dry wood to see how long it would take to bring 500ml of cold tap water to a rolling boil. I managed a rolling boil in 7mins & 3secs and had 20g of wood left so it took 47g of fuel to boil 500ml of water. I was surprised that there wsn't more soot on the pot to be honest, the sides were clean although there was a fair amount on the base as you would expect. I've added 3 un-edited video clips below, apologies for the poor quality.

Woodstove & Jetboil GCS Pot Pt.1

Woodstove & Jetboil GCS Pot Pt.2

Woodstove & Jetboil GCS Pot Pt.3


  1. Good one, R_Mac. Better than the telly so far this Christmas.

  2. Thanks Duncan, I'm getting a mini DV camera for christmas, hopefully the quality will be much improved. Just need someone to do voice over ;-)