Monday, 8 December 2008

Woodstove mk4, Mini Stove

Another day another modification!!

I was looking at pot sizes thanks to a question asked on Outdoors Magic and it seemed that if I really cut down on the size of my stove that it would fit into a Tibetan Titanium 900 pot. The pot measures H93mm x Dia115mm, my mk3 stove measured H125mm x Dia98mm (Firebox H80mm x Dia7omm). Clearly by reducing the size, particularily the firebox, the heat output would be reduced, the question was would it be sufficient. The 2nd issue was that I wanted to be able to use a Trangia meths burner as a back-up and I wanted to store it in the base of the woodstove, pic 1. I decided to make the outer can H90mm and as I needed 25mm to store the meths burner my firebox could only be H55mm, had I decided to forget about the meths burner I could have increased the size of the firebox to H75mm. I made the inner and outer cans as I had previously done the only change being shortening the outer can by cutting off the upper smooth section rather than the bottom section which saved me having to drill the base air intakes through a double skinned section (the double skinned section is now at the top) I flattened the inner lip on the firebox can to allow the trangia burner to fit, pic 2, the grate was left loose to allow it to move up when the trangia burner was stored, pic 3. The end result was a stove smaller than an Alpkit Mitymug.

I tried the stove, again using the Mitymug with 400ml of cold water, I managed a strong rolling boil in under 14mins without a secondary windshield, I had to remove the pot briefly to get the fire going after overfilling it so not too bad given the size. I'm now thinking about swapping the Trangia burner for something like an MBDC Mini Atomic

pic 1

Inner can (Firebox) with Trangia Burner in stored position.

pic 2

Trangia burner fitted to Firebox ready to use.

Finished Stove, Firebox pressed into outer can. Compared to a Mitymug

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  1. You might consider directing that energetic flame so airflow takes it up around the side of the pot.
    A pot skirt would make this burner ideal.
    (& possibly pre-heated secondary combustion air inlets near the top of the flame)