Friday, 30 May 2008

Backpacking Stove/Cookset pt 1

A while back for some unknown reason I bought a Swedish Army Alcohol (Meths) cookset. I found that being oval rather than round meant that it packed well into a rucksac. That got me thinking about using it with a gas mini stove rather than the Trangia type burner. I managed to come up with a design that not only provided a windshield but allowed me to use it as a hanging stove.

I opted for an Outdoor Designs Mini Stove from and with a bit of experimenting sorted out a system that worked reasonably well.

The windshield attached to the burner using 4 short lengths of tubing which slide through the holes in the windshield and over the pan supports on the stove. The hanging wires were made from 1.5mm s/s wire and crimped with brass and alloy tubing. The wires attached to the windshield using 2 short lengths of alloy tubing and 2 split pins. The wire spreaders I made from 2mm x 10mm alloy flat. The pics show should illustrate the general concept.

I ended up using a tall gas cartridge as I found that it fitted pretty much perfectly into a Tibetan Titanium 450ml mug (bought on ebay from Trek-Lite) The full kit consisting of mug, folding spork, folding knife, teaspoon, stove, Trangia lifter and gas cart fitted into the pot. In addition I added a Primus Gas Cannister Tripod Base which also fitted into the pot (I needed the tripod base as the gas cart was pretty tall). The only thing was that the hanging kit needed to be packed sperately.

The stove in use, albeit with the 2nd generation simplified stove attachment method

Using 2 trekking poles to suspend the stove.

Some detail shots of the 1st attempt at a hanging system

New Longboard

Just been out today trying my new surfboard. I actually bought it 2 months ago but a 'Flu' type bug together with poor surf kept me out of the water until today.

The board? it's a Circle One 9' 2" Heritage longboard, I had been using a Sunride 7' 6" Minimal for about a year so what with a 2 month layoff and a new board things were a bit sketchy.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

What Now?

Funny thing but I thought I had something to say, never mind, maybe tomorrow. Wonder if it'll rain. hmmm

I need a project.