Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Trekkertent, Phreeranger EB

This post is just to show a few pic's of my new, complete Phreeranger EB made for me by Marc at  Trekkertent. I sent him an old one that I'd bought but couldn't use due to the coating and seam tape having come off the flysheet. The Phreeranger tents have been discussed at length here over the past few years and the question was always asked, what if you could get a new Phreeranger made from modern fabrics. It always seemed like a pipe dream but here it is.

I got the tent last Thursday but due to work this morning was the 1st chance I got to pitch it, I choose not to have guylines fitted as I'll add them myself but so far haven't had time. 

Obviously a full write up to follow.