Monday, 23 June 2008

Backpacking Stove/Cookset pt 2

I finally sorted out the Swedish set but I've come up with 2 problems that have made me look to something else. The first problem is the weight, the 2nd is the fact that it doesn't split down well if I want to leave most of it at camp and take a basic set on the hill. One thing I'll miss about it though is the shape, oval seems to fit in a rucksac better than round so why doesn't anyone make lightweight oval cooksets? if they do I've never seen them

The gas cartridge, Tibetan Ti Spork, Tibetan Ti knife and teaspoon all fit into a 450ml Tibetan Ti mug


The mug fits nicely into the main pot together with a Trangia pot lifter, the Outdoor Design stove, Primus gas cartridge tripod base, hanging wires, a small sponge in a sealeable bag and a small lighter

With the lid fitted the set fits into the windshield.

As I wanted to use the lid as a pan I made a lid from aluminium sheet

All in all I liked the way it all worked out but my next set is going to be based around an Alpkit Mitymug

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