Sunday, 12 July 2015

Trekkertent Phreeranger EB Pt. 3 The Weight

This is just a quick update on the weights of the various component parts of the Trekkertent Phreeranger EB. I still need to trim about 2" off the main pole which will reduce the pole weight slightly, the pole is part of a new pole set I ordered a few years ago from Hampton Works (the makers of the poles and pegs for the original Phoenix Phreeranger) I'd never used the poles so they'd never been trimmed.

I have only fitted 3 of the guyline tensioners that Trekkertent supplied, all fitted to the lower rear guyline points, I removed the upper rear tensioner as I don't intend using it, note that the regular Trekkertent Phreeranger flysheet has 2 upper guyline points, one front and one rear, the EB version only has the rear one.

One of the 3 rear guyline tensioners

Regarding the guylines I've only fitted two on the main pole, That's how I've been using my original flysheets although as standard there were six in total, 3 each side on the main pole. I also use sacrificial loops on paracord on the webbing loops to attach my guylines as if there is going to be any wear caused by the dyneema guylines I'd rather it wasn't on an integral part of the flysheet.

Main Pole Guyline Attachment

The inner tent is exactly the same as the original with no added features such internal access to the rear of the tent which is or was an option.

Like the inner the flysheet is the same as the original with no additional features, There are options although I can't remember what exactly they are.

As it stands the weights are as follows,

Pole Set (still needs trimmed to fit) = 283g

Inner tent (supplied with full mesh and full plain doors) = 541g

Flysheet (c/w 3 x tensioners, 3 rear guylines and 2 x main pole guylines) = 666g

Flysheet with all guylines/tensioners etc removed = 613g

The total weight not including footprint or pegs as I intend using it is 1490g, say 1.5kg to be on the safe side.


  1. Thanks RMac, appreciated :-)

    1. No problem, might be difficult to knock 300g off it though, the only things that I can think of are a simplified door i.e. single half mesh, internal pockets at one end only, and go with a different arrangement for the flysheet pegging points rather than the short webbing loop/alloy ring that I opted for.